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best smart tv deals

Best Smart TV Deals

Are you on the hunt for the best Smart TV deals? Look no further! I’ve been exactly where you are – trawling through countless options, trying to find that perfect blend of quality and value.

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canva alternative

Best Canva Alternative

When I type in the Google search bar “Canva alternative” I find many online design tools praised as Canva alternative. Trello, Snappa, Stencil, etc. One design tool is missing in the Google SERPs! Where is Glorify?

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Proxmox to Vmware proxmox vmware

Proxmox to VMware

This article tells you how to convert a Proxmox VM to VMware in 3 steps (Proxmox to VMware)[SK1] . You convert the virtual disk and not the whole virtual machine. You should have some basic knowledge about SSH and Linux shell. All you need to know is how to navigate the directory structure in the Linux shell. The whole process only requires 3 commands

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best mini pc for home server

The Best Mini PC for Home Server

If you’re in the market for the best mini PC for home server, you’re in luck. With a plethora of options available, finding a device that suits your needs and budget is easier than ever.

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How to increase VM Disk in Proxmox

Increase VM disk in Proxmox

This guide will tackle increasing your VM disk space in Proxmox. It’s easier than you think, and I’ll walk you through every step. So, let’s get your VMs the room they need to breathe and grow!

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Proxmox vs ESXi 2023

Proxmox vs. ESXi

Virtualization is a hypervisor software technology that allows one physical host to run many virtual machines as guest operating systems. It’s trendy for server consolidation.

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How AI Tools Boost your content marketing effort

content marketing

Artificial intelligence is expected to be one of the major trends. Anyone using ChatGPT or other similar tools will find the technology to be both entertaining and intelligent. In fact, it can interpret this technology so that we may effectively enhance our marketing workflows

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featured Which Synology NAS

Which Synology NAS

Synology has become synonymous with NAS devices. They offer a wide range of solutions, from basic file sharing to advanced data backup and recovery. Which Synology NAS model should I choose?

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Renew Exchange certificate

renew Exchange certificate

If you’re an Exchange administrator managing a client’s server, chances are that certificate renewal is something you have to deal with regularly. Unfortunately, as specific software environments change and evolve, renewing certificates can become more complex when approaching new expiration dates or implementing changes.

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Best Server for Home Lab

Best Server for Home Lab

A home lab is great for getting hands-on experience with different technologies. It is the ideal setup for testing products or configurations in a quiet environment. 

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Apple Watch Series 9 Review

Apple Watch Series 9 Review

The Apple Watch Series 9 is a testament to Apple’s unwavering commitment to innovation and user-centric design. With its distinctive logo adorning its eco-friendly packaging, this latest model boasts many refined features, all powered by enhanced processing capabilities.

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nas storage system

NAS storage system

In today’s world, businesses and individuals generate an enormous amount of data that needs to be stored securely. Network-attached storage (NAS) solutions provide a convenient way to store and access data over a network.

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Homelab Software & Hardware I use

Homelab – Software and Hardware I use

Today, I’d like to tell you about some of the hardware and software I use in my homelab to stay up to date. Since my clients often ask me for recommendations on hardware and software, I find it important that I use those tools on a daily basis. Practise what you preach! Also, it is vital in the IT field to constantly stay informed about emerging trends, new technology and the pros and cons.

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Access your work computer from home

How to access work computer from home – 2 easy ways

Are you a small business that has never really felt the need to have an IT person always around to solve issues? It worked fine until Covid-19 came and suddenly, everybody needs to work from home. And that very likely means you and other employees need to access your work computer from home. And you’re scratching your head, wondering how exactly to set this up without having to onboard an IT specialist. Well, it’s your lucky day, because that is exactly what this blog post is about.

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