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Proxmox vs ESXi

Proxmox vs. ESXI: Is Proxmox an alternative to ESXi?

Virtualization allows one physical host to run multiple virtual machines, making it popular for server consolidation. VMware leads the market, but its maintenance costs are climbing every year. Management realizes costs are climbing practically every year. Is it still worth it?

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Exchange setup fails with a certificate error

Exchange setup fails with a certificate error

Imagine the anticipation of upgrading your Exchange 2019 on-premises server with a new CU, each step carefully executed, only to hit a roadblock at Step 12: Mailbox role – Client Access Front End service. As the setup grinds to a halt, an unsettling error message appears, signaling a common yet frustrating challenge: Exchange setup fails.

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How to install NextCloud on Proxmox

How to install NextCloud on Proxmox with Ubuntu

Are you looking to take control of your data with a private cloud solution but need help figuring out where to start? Setting up NextCloud on Proxmox using Ubuntu 22.04 could be the perfect solution, offering robust functionality without the complexity of Docker.

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