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Fortigate FortiOS 6.2 settings

FortiOS 6.2

Fortinet released FortiOS 6.2 for Fortigate firewalls in March 2019. See the official what’s new document from Fortinet. I would like to highlight some nice new settings in this blog.

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install Exchange Server 2019 lesson learned

Install Exchange Server 2019: lesson learned 

I recently installed an Exchange Server 2019 in my Windows domain. I already have an Exchange Server 2016 which hosts all the mailboxes of our small family business. I tend to download a manual on my Kindle for research purposes, but this being rather new, there’s no Kindle version available. So I turned to multiple forums to talk to others in a similar situation.

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Syncthing foldersync freesync sync


What is Syncthing (freesync)

Syncthing is a free open-source software which you can use to sync folder(s) and files, I would refer it as a freesync or foldersync tool. It is freeware. It’s not a backup software or imaging tool to create an exact copy of your computer though.

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