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Synology virtual machine

Synology Virtual Machine

Imagine unleashing the true power of your Synology NAS by delving into virtualization with Virtual Machine Manager. Continue reading to unveil how this groundbreaking technology can revolutionize your computing experience. Not only is it a cost-effective solution for running virtual machines, but it also outshines alternatives like Proxmox or VMware ESXi.

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Hemelab network

Homelab Network: The Complete Guide to build a lab network

Have you ever dreamt of building your own personal lab network right in the comfort of your own home? Well, you’re in luck! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of homelab networks, exploring why they are valuable for IT professionals and providing practical steps to help you get started.

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Home lab dns server

How to Setup a Home Lab DNS Server for your domains

Setting up a home lab DNS server may sound like a daunting task reserved for IT professionals, but fear not! You will gain a deeper understanding of how the internet functions and have complete control over your domains, creating a playground of endless possibilities.

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Homelab Software & Hardware I use

Homelab – Software and Hardware I use

Today, I’d like to tell you about some of the hardware and software I use in my homelab to stay up to date. Since my clients often ask me for recommendations on hardware and software, I find it important that I use those tools on a daily basis. Practise what you preach! Also, it is vital in the IT field to constantly stay informed about emerging trends, new technology and the pros and cons.

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setting up SSH keys on Synology

Setting Up SSH Keys on Synology

This guide is designed for anyone looking to enhance their Synology NAS security, from beginners to seasoned tech professionals. Let’s get started on our journey to secure Synology SSH access!

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Dell PowerEdge vs HP ProLiant: Server Showdown 2024

Choosing the appropriate server for your business is of paramount importance. The correct server can significantly enhance data management stability, streamline processes, protect critical data better, and improve overall organizational efficiency. Conversely, a poor server choice can lead to substantial financial loss due to either high maintenance costs or insufficient efficiency and pose grave security threats to your data.

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Dell XPS vs Latitude

Dell XPS vs Latitude: Exploring the Best Dell Laptops

As someone who keeps up with the latest tech trends, I’ve had the opportunity to test out many different laptops. However, I’ve found that Dell consistently stands out from the rest. Even in 2024, there is still a lively debate between the Dell XPS vs Latitude lines, as Dell offers tailored solutions to suit the needs of everyone, from avid gamers to business professionals in need of a reliable laptop.

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SEO Essentials: Optimizing Your WordPress Content for Search Engines

Today’s competitive world means optimizing your WordPress content for search engines is essential. Mastering the complexities of SEO requires a dedicated and willing mind devoted to continuous learning. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of SEO for optimizing your WordPress content for search engines and keyword research essentials.

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SSH into Synology

How to SSH into Synology NAS: A Step-by-step Guide to enable SSH

Before we dive into SSH into your Synology NAS, let’s quickly talk about what SSH encryption is. SSH, or Secure Shell, is a secure way to access and manage another computer, like your Synology NAS, remotely over the internet. It’s like having a secure, encrypted tunnel through which you can send commands and manage your NAS, no matter where you are.

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