Career highlights

In a long career of 20+ years, there are bound to be a few highlights – here are some of mine:

career highlights
  • 2018: Build Windows 10 master image
    Built an MDT environment with language packs and 50+ applications. Created master image, transferred the environment to client site.
  • 2018: Implemented new phone system
    Prepared, managed and installed a new phone system based on open source software for a 15+ users architecture company.
  • 2017: Implemented new phone system
    Crucial member of the team that implemented a new phone system for 200+ users (switch to a Cisco AllIP from a Siemens ISDN system). I coordinated the move in collaboration with the global team handling IP phones and also installed the new devices
  • 2014: Implemented SAP
    in Baker McKenzie Zurich office in collaboration with the Global SAP team.
  • 2012: Migrated 200+ users to Windows 7 and Office 2010 from Windows XP.
    Built a customized image, transferred all user settings, led the rollout .
  • 2010: Office relocation of Baker McKenzie Zurich,
    merging a three location, 200-person office to one. Integral part of the entire relocation process, shouldering the IT aspect with assistance from my team.
  • 2004: Migrated 150+ users to Document Management System.
    led a local team in collaboration with Regional Teams to transfer all files to the DM system and configure server and clients.
  • 2002: Migrated to Active Directory and Exchange 2000
  • 1999: Moved to a Global Finance System.
    Acted as local contact person, adapted required IT systems. Rolled out to clients.
  • During course of entire career, conducted trainings in many different areas of IT,
    for end users.

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