Synology Directory Server

Do you know that the Synology NAS offers Active Directory functionality? Correct install the Synology Directory Server package from the package center and set up your Windows Domain.

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A perfect barebone ESXi host

Are you looking for an inexpensive ESXi host for a small environment or homelab? You need look no further than the Supermicro barebone E300-9D. It's a beautiful small computer which offers all the features you need in an ESXi host. It runs ESXi 6.7 right out of the box

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Homelab – software and hardware I use

Today, I’d like to tell you about some of the hardware and software I use in my homelab to stay up to date. Since my clients often ask me for recommendations on hardware and software, I find it important that I use those tools on a daily basis. Practise what you preach! Also, it is vital in the IT field to constantly stay informed about emerging trends, new technology and the pros and cons.

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Supermicro Server or IntelNUC

The Supermicro server E300-9D and the IntelNUCs are popular products for low budgets for VMware ESXi home lab environments. Both products run ESXi practically out of the box with no addition of drivers except for the LAN drivers for the IntelNUC

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FortiOS 6.2.2

Fortigate released FortiOS 6.2.2 (patch 2) at the end of October. The release of patch 2 was intended to mitigate an SSL-VPN vulnerability. Fortigate advised their customers to upgrade to patch 2.

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In April 2019 I participated in a 3-day course for the Swyx VoIP phone software, organized by Primenet. The software was originally developed by Deutsche Telekom and later outsourced.

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FortiOS 6.2

FortiOS 6.2

Fortinet released FortiOS 6.2 for Fortigate firewalls in March 2019. See the official what’s new document from Fortinet. I would like to highlight some nice new settings in this blog.

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Fortigate – how a special character (+) could break VPN with Firmware 6.0.5

Fortigate – how a special character (+) could break VPN with Firmware 6.0.5

I received an email alert from the Fortigate Switzerland distributor to say that a new firmware 6.0.5 had been released to fix a critical hole in the VPN portal. This hole could steal passwords. It was highly recommended to apply the fix urgently.

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