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Glorify – the world of design images

What a fascinating world it is to be able to modify or manipulate pictures. Who doesn’t wish to be a designer or, starting small, be able to create good looking designs. 

Photoshop is most likely the premier choice for creating any design. However, not everyone can or even wants to handle the vast feature set of Photoshop. Even Adobe Photoshop Elements, which has fewer features, is not an easy thing to master. The interface is so rich with many icons. Over the years, Adobe has added guided help for complex functions. So it handles the magic for you, but what if you’d like to modify it?

How I found out about Glorify – Photoshop alternative

When I started my WordPress discovery journey, I watched many “How to” videos on YouTube and found this to be a huge help. A gentleman called Adam Preiser of, makes a lot of videos and has a Facebook group “WordPress community for NON-TECHIES.” Even though I’m a techie myself, I checked it out. 

In this group, Adam recommended Glorify (Photoshop alternative) very highly. He touted it as easy to use claiming that even a beginner can design beautiful images. Glorify is a startup company, and they had a special early bird offer on: the entire package as a lifetime deal for an attractive price. 

Since Adam’s recommendations have never disappointed me in the past, I kept the faith and bought Glorify. I have to say that so far at least, there has been absolutely no reason to regret the decision.

What does Glorify do for you?

Glorify is a SaaS application. It is web-based and runs best with Chrome. The app offers guided help for eCommerce, social media, ebook creator, and logo maker. They provide templates for popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google ads, Twitter, and more. 

I find the templates useful as a starting point. It avoids the need to figure out the right dimension for social media profiles. I got the size for my LinkedIn profile page right. No adjustments were necessary.

Furthermore, there are lots of design elements included in the package: background pictures, free images, icons, buttons, and integration to ICONS8 packages. ICONS8 is a paid web service offering tons of icons. However, special priced package included ICONS8 and was one of the reasons I bought Glorify.

Glorify Photoshop alternative

Background remover

Glorify has a fantastic background remover tool. Adam had praised this feature highly citing it as one of the reasons to buy Glorify as Photoshop alternative. He was so right. It is so easy!

I uploaded a picture of myself, removed the background so that only the person is visible, then saved the image. The newly created picture with can now be used with any other background image or simply a colored background. 

Every element in Glorify has effect settings, transparency, contrast or brightness, use gradients and a lot more. The functions are very easy to understand.  

Glorify works with layers, just as Photoshop does. Each object will be put in a separate layer. The layers make it easy to manage images. You can copy or switch layers on and off. Helpful hint: make an object invisible rather than delete it.

The logo design guided help is a bit limited. There is no “save as” to create similar logos. You need to start a new guided help process for every logo variation. I contacted support, and they informed me that this will be enhanced soon.

All your designs are saved in the Glorify cloud. They use AWS server. The app has predefined download options to save the image as jpg, png, or pdf to your computer.

Why I use Glorify and you should too

Glorify is the new kid on the block. It has some bugs. They are very responsive when it comes to fixing them. , You can chat directly with them within the app, so problem solving is relatively quick.

Google names Glorify alternatives as Canva, Stencil, Crello and some others. I have not tried any of them. I think the top killer feature of Glorify is the background remover tool and how easy it is to use as Photoshop alternative.

Honestly, I never thought that I would use such a tool. But once I did, I found it very easy to use. I like the concept and the people behind Glorify. Glorify founder, Omar Farook shared his story and why he created Glorify. It’s a promising project, and they have my support. I’m sure new great features will be added soon.

I’m so pumped about Glorify that I joined the Ambassador program. If you use the link here to purchase Glorify, it would make me a happy man. 🙂 You will not regret buying Glorify, and that’s a promise.

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