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SEO content writing software – Outranking.io complete review

SEO content writing software - Outranking.io review

Would you like to improve your SEO content writing skills?

It’s not an easy task to keep track of all of the changes Google makes to its algorithm and then try to apply them to your blog article. Research time could be better spent on writing quality content.

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So, let’s get started! Outranking.io is what you need. The software helps you write high-quality content that will rank well in search engines. This review will look at how Outranking.io works and what kind of results you can expect from using it.

What Is SEO Content Writing?

SEO content writing is creating content that is optimized for search engines. It involves using keyword research to identify the right keywords to target and then incorporating those keywords into your content in a relevant and readable way.

In addition, SEO content writing software helps you improve the article title and meta tags like title and description.

Following the SEO practice benefits your website or article to rank higher in search engine result pages.

Why Is SEO Writing Important?

SEO is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. It’s the practice of optimizing your website or blog to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO, in turn, can lead to more traffic and conversions.

Several factors determine how well your site ranks in SERPs, including the quality and relevance of your content and the authority of your site and its links. But SEO is about more than just gaming the system; it’s also about providing valuable content that meets the demands of your audience.

When you produce high-quality content that people want to read, share, and link to, you’re satisfying their needs and building trust and authority for your brand. And as Google continues to emphasize quality over quantity, good SEO writing is more important than ever.

How to write SEO content copy?

To write SEO content, you’ll need to understand how to target keywords, structure your content for readability, and include those keywords throughout your content. You’ll also need to ensure that you’re using good grammar and punctuation and having images and videos to break up the text and keep users engaged.

Why Do You Need SEO Content Writing Tools?

Outranking.io: AI Software

Content writing tools are necessary for SEO to help you create better content optimized for your target audience. They allow you to research your topic, find keywords and create a catchy headline.

Content writing tools for SEO can aid you in structuring your SEO content strategy and improve the quality of your content.

This review will look at what Outranking.io delivers and how it can help you write better SEO content.

Outranking.io is a content writing tool that supports you in targeting specific keywords and optimizing your content for search engines. This tool also features many features you can use to improve your writing.

Read on to learn more about Outranking.io.

The Outranking.io Dashboard

Outranking.io - The Dashboard
The Dashboard

Outranking.io provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create and publish content quickly and efficiently.

The dashboard has three pillars:

  • AI Editor
  • SERP Analysis
  • Quick Wins

This article focuses on the AI editor. It is the main area to create a new article/blog post.

To create a new document:

  1. Choose the document type and SEO keyword for what you would like to optimize the documents.
  2. Optionally choose a tag or a folder (could be a project) to organize the document for easier finding later.
  3. Click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ button to select the language and the location.

Available document types:

  • SEO blog
  • Youtube
  • Webinar Page
  • Ecommerce
  • Recipe Post
  • Press release
  • SEO Optimization

SEO content writing
new document

To compose a new article/blog, choose ‘SEO blog.’ If you like an already existing blog article to optimize with Outranking.io, choose ‘SEO Optimization.’ The document type ‘SEO Optimization’ reveals an additional field for the URL.

Why is Outranking.io the best SEO content writing software

Outranking.io is the best SEO content writing software because it lets you quickly write high-quality, search engine-friendly content for your website.

Outranking.io also has a wide range of features that make it an effective tool for content marketing purposes.

Its unique algorithm permits writers to produce engaging and keyword-rich content that ranks higher in search engines.

Outranking.io provides users with an assortment of tools and templates to make it easier and more enjoyable to write.

It has two outstanding features which make Outranking.io set apart from its competitors.


In Concepts, sentiments from other texts are analyzed and extracted to train artificial intelligence to produce better writing.

GPT3 and SERP are both seeds of AI-created content that can be used to build paragraphs with factual information from research.

GPT3 is a machine learning model that can create coherent paragraphs by reading large amounts of text.

Outranking.io has several templates to guide the ‘concept engine
The concept belongs to the main points of why Outranking.io is a winner.


There are two main ways that AI is used to create content – by fitting a pre-determined content template/framework or by creating contextually relevant content for the given situation. In the first case, the AI will use a predefined set of rules to create pieces of content that fit within a specific style or format.

In the second case, AI will analyze data and generate content specific to the customer or client’s needs.

Methods are called Templates in other AI writing software. Methods are basically the same.

Outranking.io – The AI wizard

After creating a new document Outranking launches into the AI Wizard with the SEO meta title generator.

The AI wizard helps you start with the blog post to set the meta title and meta description, followed by the outline builder.

Step 1 – SEO Meta Title Generator

AI wizard
The AI wizard – Step 1

One of the most crucial on-page SEO factors is your blog title. This is the text that appears in your web browser’s tab and as the blue link in search engine results pages. The title should be around 50 characters long and must include the focus keyword. Including your focus keyword in your title will help you rank higher for that keyword, so it’s essential to put some thought into it.

Most importantly, make sure your title accurately reflects the user intent behind the search query.

Outranking.io generates the title using AI. You can simplify it or change it entirely with ease.

It will show you a list of Keywords in the suggestions title when you choose that. You can create, delete or edit your list of ideas whenever needed.

Step 2 – Meta Description Generator

AI wizard step2
The AI wizard – Step 2

Meta descriptions are a unique and vital part of SEO because they are the first thing potential customers see when your site pops up on search engine results pages. A well-crafted meta description can entice customers to click through your website, so it’s important to make sure yours is informative and enticing. Outranking will help you create a catchy description that will help you stand out from the competition.

Step 3 – Content Outline Builder

The AI wizard Step 3
The AI wizard – Step 3

On the left side, you see sections/outlines currently found in SERPS based on the focus keyword from competitors. Although competition might have well-written content, they might not be beating the keywords readers are searching for.

Just copy the section idea(s) from the left side to the right side. You can arrange the outline in H2 or H3 tags. Modify the section text or create a new one from scratch.

Google’s People Also Ask

Part of the outline builder in step 3 is the tab for Google also asks (Google PAA). This provides you with some ideas of questions found in SERPs. It is a good idea to integrate such questions in your outline too.
Google loves to extract questions from articles and present them in the SERPS. It’s an additional way to rank better in the SERPs.

Related keywords

Adding semantically related keywords is a great way to help your content rank for additional terms. This can be done in a few ways, such as:
H2/H3 keyword opportunities help to widen the scope and eligibility of existing content to rank for additional keywords.

More keywords mean more traffic which increases the authority of the article overall. Additionally, it provides supplemental information to users interested in the topic.

Outranking shows you suggestions of related keywords and highlight them if you have already used them in the outline. The app suggests using at least 80% of the related keywords.

High-Frequency keywords – NLP

Google’s NLP capabilities can help you understand your users’ intent and optimize your content for maximum reach and traffic. By understanding the questions people are asking related to your topic, you can create better content that targets those high-frequency keywords and provides the answers people are looking for. It will help you rank higher in SERP and drive more traffic to your site.

The AI wizard presents you with all the high-frequency keywords. It works the same way as the related keywords. Again you should use 80% of the suggestions in your outline.

First Draft and Premium First Draft – AI article writer with factual and researched information

Once the outline is perfectly optimized with the related keywords and high-frequency keywords, you can go to the next step.

Outranking.io offers two ways:

  • First Draft
  • Premium First Draft

First drafts are a great way to remove writer’s block and get your thoughts on paper. They also help set the foundation for your blog post, giving you a better idea of what you want to say. However, they should not be considered finished or a replacement for human writers.

The goal is to get you 60-70% closer to finishing your content
Premium First Draft is an enhancement and goes a step further. You can set the tone of the voice, and it also does better research on SERPs. It’s relatively new and far from perfect as the First Draft.

Outranking.io – Writing content copy

Content editor interface

After completing the AI Wizard, if you choose the first draft, premium first draft, or no draft, the following window is the content editor. It is organized into three parts

Outranking.io: Writing assistant
Writing Assistant
  • left navigation bar with the icons of the various phase
    • document operations
    • search engine optimization
    • section and outlines
    • Methods
    • Research and SERPs
  • the middle pane is the content editor with the outline structure made in the AI wizard.
  • right navigation pane changes based on the selection from the left pane

Sections and Outlines

The next step is now to write the content for the outlines. There would already be content if you were using the first draft or premium first draft.

Select on the left navigation pane “sections and outlines’.

For writing with AI assistants use concepts or methods. By default, Outranking looks at the first 20 articles in the SERPs for the focus keywords to generate concepts. However, you can feed the AI with your own text to create concepts.

For example, go to Google performs some research and copy/paste text in the custom concept window. Some templates are available to guide the AI on which kind of concepts to produce.

The draft icon will create content based on the concept selected and write in the content editor.

SEO content writing - concepts

Another way is to use methods (custom-created templates). It’s a separate section on the left pane divided into categories. Outranking offers the standard templates like other AI tools. It is also possible to create your methods.

Outranking.io Methods

It is not forbidden to create your text entirely. I recommend it because it adds another “hand-crafted” touch to the article.

Some other AI tools are at your disposal, highlight a sentence, and some additional tools will pop up like rewrite, expand and shorten.

You can also use the ‘Write for’ button. It will write a sentence based on your input. For example, if you type “What is…,” it will generate a sentence like “What is the best SEO content writing software?”

Outranking.io – The content optimization phase

After completing the outline with content, it is time to go to the next phase. The SEO optimization phase, click on ‘SEO’ on the left pane.

Before going to the technical aspects that Outranking SEO offers, I want to point out why SEO is so important nowadays.

The SEO industry has become increasingly complex in recent years. Google and other search engines use deep learning and natural language processing to display better search results. Because of this, what was once SEO-friendly content may no longer be relevant from Google’s perspective right now.

For this reason, you need a much more advanced tool that utilizes similar search engine technology. You can no longer just rely on a WordPress plugin. WordPress SEO plugins like Rank Math do a great job on on-page technical SEO.

However, you shouldn’t expect your rankings to improve overnight. Based on my experience, the optimization will take months to materialize (1 month is the minimum.). DA (domain authority) plays an essential role too.
Although this is not required, backlinks from higher DA websites can help your optimized content rank faster.

Okay, let’s continue with Outrannking. Click on the left side on ‘SEO’ and then ‘Optimization.’

Optimize On-page SEO Elements

The right navigation pane shows the SEO Content Score with a view of all aspects of on-page SEO optimization. Click on each section for tips. This part of Outranking is probably what I call the gold mine of Outranking.io.

The SEO Content Score is a very detailed on-page score with advice for improvement, and more importantly, it’s always up to date! The score ranges from 0-to 100, with 100 being the best possible score. The overall grade shows you how well optimized your page is compared to other pages.

Click on each section to learn more about what Outranking suggests for optimization. The suggestion is based on the 20 top-ranked pages in the SERPs.

For example, click on the Sections for H2-H3; Outranking shows how many sections your article has compared to the average and maximum.

SEO Score For Higher Ranking

SEO score
SEO score

Click on ‘Research’ on the left pane and then on ‘SERP and data source. Ranking Pages will appear on the right pane. The domain list with the SEO score of your competitor webpages and other helpful information is displayed. In fact, your article’s SEO score is actually a comparison of the top 20 pages.

The score ranges from 0-to 100, with 100 being the best possible score.

AI guided data for related keywords And Google NLP topics optimization.

As mentioned above, you should structure the outline with related keywords and Google NLP. It will ensure that your article will rank for even more keywords.

In the content editor, left pane, click SEO; underneath ‘Optimization,’ you get ‘related keywords’ and ‘Topics.’ Topics are Google NLP terms.

Outranking shows valuable information for related keywords like volumes (Vol.), keyword difficulty (Diff.), and SERP ranking on the right pane.

Outranking marks the word if you have used it in the text or outline.
At the bottom, there is also a button, ‘Heat Map.’ Heat Map is a nifty tool indicating the opportunities where you should use the keywords.

Topics (Google NLP) are similar to related keywords. It compares how many times it is used in the article compared to the minimum and maximum. Color labels show recommendations about the keywords.

What are the pricing plans for Outranking.io?

Outranking has three pricing plans: Mega, Giga, Tera.

Outranking.io Pricing
Pricing Plans

The naming convention of the plans is based on the AI writer characters for each month.

Each plan consists of:

  • Number of documents each month
  • AI writer credits (characters) each month
  • Searches each month
  • Team members.

How many characters do I need?

Unfortunately, this is not an easy question. There are several factors in the workflow which are consuming AI characters. Please be aware that substantial AI credits will be used if you use First Draft or Premium Fist Draft. The same applies to using concepts or methods.

My workflow for a blog post

Okay, I hope you have a good impression of Outranking by now. In this section, I would like to tell you about my workflow from the idea to produce an article until I publish it on my WordPress websites.

To produce a high-ranking blog post, you should follow a specific workflow.

This workflow includes six steps:

  • research topics and keywords
  • building the outline (content brief)
  • writing/editing
  • optimization
  • proofreading
  • Publishing

My pick

SEO content writing software - Outranking.io review

Elementor Pro Review

Full Comparison – Elementor Pro VS Free

Outranking is best for the three steps (building the outline, writing/editing, and optimization). Outranking is not a research tool. It would help if you did the research with other tools before going to Outranking.

Keyword Planner

My favorite product for researching is Writerzen. Writerzen is ideal for topic and keyword research. A free product is the Google Keyword Planner, which is also very good.

Blog Outline

Outranking has an excellent outline tool as part of the AI Wizard. However, I’m using Postpace, which is basically the same but has a friendly user interface.

Grammarly Premium

For Proofreading, I use Grammarly Premium. I love this tool. I’m not a native of English. Grammarly has a free version, but the Premium Version is worth the investment.

Hemingway app

Hemingway is similar to Grammarly but free. I don’t use it, but it is worth mentioning it.


My websites/blogs are built with WordPress. Outranking has a WordPress plugin to import articles from Outranking to WordPress. It is pretty basic but works fine.

Please read my blog here for a detailed discussion about my workflow. I decided to post a separate article.

Outranking – Planned features

I learned about Outranking in May 2021. I watched an hour-long interview with the founder demoing the app. After this demo and other recommendations I read, I decided to buy the early bird offering, a Lifetime deal.

The Outranking team developed many new features for SEO optimization and AI assistant writing. Since then, Outranking has continued to improve a lot. As of this writing in March 2022, Outranking is at Version 7.5.

Version 7 introduced integration with Semrush. I don’t use Semrush, so I cannot make any comment about the integration.

The founder said further development would improve integrations with other apps in a webinar. An improved WordPress plugin is in the works. I also believe the AI assistant writing will steadily improve over the following months.

Looking back on how Outranking improved over the last 12 months, I’m sure we will see new great features or improvements.

Content Optimization Software: Outranking vs. Frase

The content optimization software market is growing. Two of the most popular are Outranking and Frase. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is the best for you?

Frase Software

Frase is a more mature Saas app than Outranking. Some key points of Frase are:

  • You can create custom templates as needed to save time on writing drafts of the same type of content so that you are not re-inventing the wheel every time you need a blog intro or product description.
  • There is a topic model for scoring the article.
  • The dashboard is designed to help you find your best content opportunities.
  • You can compare your keywords with your top competitors.
  • Advanced AI creates content that outperforms the competition.
  • Frase is the #1 rated AI Software on Capterra

Frase initially started with content optimization only; in late 2021, Frase also introduced AI assistant writing based on predefined templates.

According to the Frase team, there are not using GPT3 for AI.

“Frase NLG (Natural Language Generation) is artificial intelligence software designed to create content based on text inputs. Our NLG is trained over billions of documents” and attempts to gain a universal understanding of the world through language.”

The big plus is that Outranking offers the AI wizard. It helps you create the skeleton of your article with recommendations on which additional keywords to use in the outline. I understand that a good outline could save valuable time– in my opinion, Outranking is better for this than Frase.

Re: pricing Frase has a different pricing structure and offers three plans too, but AI writing needs an addon called SEO. Overall, Frase is slightly more expensive than Outranking.

My winner is Outranking.io.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good keyword research tools?

Some of the most popular keyword research tools include:
Semrush, Ubersuggest, KWFinder, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, KeySearch. Moz Keyword Explorer

How do I start SEO content writing?

You start by building your content strategy based on the keywords you target. You then decide how to rank for those keywords and create an optimized blog for SEO.

Which free content writing tools do you use to write SEO-friendly content?

use Google Docs, WordPress, and HubSpot.

What are some excellent content optimization tools for content writing?

Outranking, Frase, MarketMuse, SurferSEO

What are the best free SEO tools for WordPress website article writing?

Rank Math, Yoast SEO, SEOPress, SEO Squirrly


Outranking.io is a powerful SEO content writing software that can help you write high-quality, engaging, optimized blog posts. Using Outranking lets you easily create well-researched, keyword-rich, and ASTERISKED articles that will help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERP).

If you’re looking for a resource to assist you in producing quality content that ranks well on search engine results pages, look no further than Outranking.io!

Full Disclosure

Any purchases made from clicks on links to products on this page may result in an affiliate commission for me.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases
Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Verkäufen

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